How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Opaque Tights for Winter Office Outfits?

March 25, 2024

When the frosty winds of winter begin to blow, it’s time to swap your summer office attire for warmer alternatives. One of the most versatile and stylish options for any winter office wardrobe is a pair of opaque tights. Whether you prefer classic black or want to add a pop of color to your ensemble, a well-chosen pair of tights can elevate your look while keeping you warm and comfortable.

Choosing the perfect pair of opaque tights can be a bit tricky, especially with so many different options available. It’s not just about the color – the denier, style, and outfit compatibility also play a crucial role. This article will guide you through the process, helping you choose the right pair that will complement your winter office outfits.

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Understanding the Importance of Denier

Before we delve into the world of colors and styles, it’s important to understand what denier is and why it matters. The denier of a pair of tights refers to the thickness of the weave. It ranges from sheer (less than 20 denier) to opaque (40 denier and above).

For winter office wear, you’ll want to opt for opaque tights because they offer more warmth and coverage. If you work in a conservative office environment, you’ll also find opaque tights to be more appropriate since they’re less likely to show skin or undergarments. Additionally, higher denier tights tend to be more durable, so you’ll get more wear out of them.

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Choosing the Right Color and Pattern

The choice of color and pattern is largely a matter of personal preference, but there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. First, consider your existing wardrobe. While black tights are a versatile staple that can be paired with almost any outfit, colored tights can add a unique touch to your winter outfits.

If you’re new to wearing colored tights, start with darker shades like navy, burgundy, or deep green. These colors are still relatively versatile and won’t make as bold of a statement as brighter colors. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also experiment with patterned tights. However, remember to keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple if you choose a bold pair of tights.

Pairing Tights with Your Outfits

Once you’ve chosen your tights, the next step is to pair them with your outfits. Here are a few tips to get you started:

With Skirts: Pair your opaque tights with a skirt for a classic, chic look. If you’re wearing colored tights, consider choosing a skirt in a complementary color. For example, navy tights look great with a grey skirt, while burgundy tights pair well with a cream or beige skirt.

With Dresses: Opaque tights and dresses are a match made in heaven. If you’re wearing a colorful dress, black tights can help tone down the look. Meanwhile, colored tights can add a fun twist to a monochrome or neutral-colored dress.

With Shorts or Culottes: Yes, you can wear shorts or culottes in winter, provided you layer them over your opaque tights. This is a modern, fashion-forward look that’s perfect for creative or casual office environments.

Considering the Style and Occasion

Another factor to consider when choosing opaque tights is the occasion or event. For everyday office wear, a simple pair of black or dark-colored tights is usually a safe bet. If you have a business meeting or a formal event, opt for high-quality, high-denier tights in a neutral color like black, navy, or brown.

On the other hand, if you’re dressing up for an office party or a fun outing with coworkers, you might want to consider a pair of colored or patterned tights. This can add a festive touch to your ensemble and show off your personal style.

Taking Care of Your Tights

Finally, remember that even the best pair of tights won’t last forever. To extend the lifespan of your tights, be sure to wash them by hand or on a gentle cycle in a mesh laundry bag. Avoid pulling or tugging at your tights, and always keep your nails and jewelry smooth to prevent snags.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect pair of opaque tights for winter office outfits doesn’t have to be difficult. By considering the denier, color, outfit compatibility, and occasion, you can find a pair that’s perfect for you. Happy shopping!

Selecting Based on Your Skin Tone and Body Type

Making an ideal selection of opaque tights is greatly influenced by your skin tone and body type. When it comes to skin tone, darker tights often complement lighter skin tones, while lighter tights can flatter darker skin tones. For instance, black tights are a great go-to option for those with fairer skin. If you’re on the darker side, you can try experimenting with lighter shades like beige and brown.

If you have a bottom heavy body type, you might want to steer clear of bold, patterned tights as they can draw attention to your lower half. Instead, opt for dark tights in solid colors which can help create a slimming effect. Conversely, if you’re petite or have a slender build, you can have fun with polka dot tights, patterned tights, or brightly colored options to add some dimension to your frame.

Picking the right opaque tights based on your skin tone and body type is not just about looking great, it’s about feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. So take your time and don’t rush the process.

Opting for Fleece Lined Tights for Cold Weather

When it comes to tights for winter, warmth is key. That’s why fleece lined tights are a fantastic option. They offer the same style and versatility as regular opaque tights, but with an added layer of cozy warmth. Fleece lined tights serve as an additional layer of insulation, keeping your legs toasty even on the chilliest days.

The inner fleece lining is not only warm, but also extremely comfortable, making these tights a favorite for those who spend long hours sitting at a desk. While they’re often thicker than regular tights, they’re still sleek and stylish enough to wear with most winter office outfits.

It’s essential to remember that while these tights are great for cold weather, they may not be as breathable as regular tights. Therefore, check the weather forecast before you step out in them. Also, if your office tends to be well heated, you may want to keep a regular pair of tights at your workplace as a backup.

In Conclusion

The world of opaque tights is vast and varied, offering a multitude of choices to suit a wide array of winter office outfits. From high denier tights that promise warmth and durability to colorful patterns that make a style statement, the options are nearly endless.

In your pursuit of the perfect pair, keep in mind factors like your skin tone, body type, and the occasion. And don’t forget about options like fleece lined tights for those particularly cold days.

Whether you’re a fan of classic black tights, or you prefer to experiment with colors and patterns, there’s a pair out there that’s just right for you. The important thing is to choose a pair that not only looks good, but also makes you feel good. After all, feeling comfortable and confident in your outfit can make all the difference in your day at the office. Choose wisely and enjoy your winter in style and comfort!